Coming up – news and events

Join me this month in some new events, classes and some different locations

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Here you will see up to date posts and pics. There will also be some thoughts on pilates and yoga, tips and news.

What’s happening in February ? 

The village  hall classes are now running at 9.15am on Saturday morning and 6.30 pm on Thursday evening. 

Saturdays will be alternate Pilates and Yoga.

Thursday is Pilates.

Online classes will discontinue this month. I may bring in some onliine yoga in April as other online Pilates options are available via Camyoga and Yoga at the barn, but there are no other yoga ones.
Look out for the yoga on the schedule.
You'll find me doing online Pilates at Camyoga and Yoga at the barn, Bourn., -Go to the notice board page for details and links.