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Some online classes have been back for a while.
Not for everyone as some prefer in person sessions, but they are great if you can’t get to the hall or a yoga studio near you. I also offer the zoom recording; available for 3 days if you can’t join me in real time.

As Summer approaches and village hall classes may be reduced in July and August, I shall be offering some FREE online yoga / pilates sessions. 
Look out for them on the schedule from June.
There may also be a couple of outdoor yoga offerings in my garden, in the sun, weather permitting of course.
I’ll let you know nearer the time about those!

Pilates and yoga work hand in hand. If you’ve only tried one, why not give the other a go? Discover just how much of an impact both practices can have on your body (as well as your mind)



Yoga at 9.30am on Tuesday.
Pilates at 6.45 pm on Thursday.
Saturday yoga at 9.15 am, 


Always refer to the schedule to check.

Mats and props are provided but you may wish to bring your own.
If you do, for yoga, you will need 2 yoga bricks, a strap, and a yoga mat, a Pilates one is too thick.

For Pilates, I have thick mats and props are provided. You can see what I use and buy your own if you so wish.  

 Classes are suitable for all levels- including beginners, pregnant or postnatal. Orthopaedic conditions, but please let me know in advance so that I can give modifications.
Head to the schedule to book 
Go to the sessions page for pricing information


Mel’s Moves is at the village hall 

Highfields Caldecote 

on Tuesday mornings, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings


You’ll also find me at 

Camyoga, Cambridge

online classes
Yoga at the Barn, Manor Farm, Bourn,
 in-person and online. 

see opposite for website links






For Caldecote Village hall  and online
you can book on this website in sessions. 
For other venues, please go to their respective websites
Tuesday at 9.30 am -Yoga
 Thursday at  6.45 pm- Pilates
Saturday 9.15 am. Yoga or Pilates
CAMYOGA, Central Studio just off Hills Road. Visit the website for details.
Pilates at  Camyoga  online Sunday at 4pm. 
Book via Camyoga
 YOGA AT THE BARN- Manor Farm, Bourn
Pilates  – Thursday 9.30 am
book here or via
Any physical or mental issues? please ask for advice.
 With any health concerns, it is advisable not to undertake any exercise program without the consent of your GP. 
Prices are on the booking page:-
  Cancellation policy:
For village hall classes I kindly ask that you give 24 hours notice. Refunds or transfers cannot be made after that time. 
Village hall passes are valid for 4 months.
 Once expired, unused tickets are not refundable unless I have cancelled the class myself.
Please speak to me if you have any issues with payment or passes.